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…find is slightly ironic that Mel Gibson made a movie called “What Women Want?” and now here is he is … that’s kind of strange. Watching this trailer has been like a really bad forshadowing.

From now on any asshole, sexist, dickwad I meat I’m going to say “You’re a regular Mel Gisbon, aren’t you?”


but also very funny.

I was going to do a whole post about the Mel Gibson stuff going on but I couldn’t get around to caring enough about him to write anything of substance and truth so…I’ll just post this funny tidbit and move on.

Also, Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted, trying to work on getting the new site up, putting together the July issue as well as getting my affairs in order for school this fall (i’m going back for a second bachelors starting in August).

Hope everyone had a pleasant Fourth of July :]

and as a public declaration of my geekyness. Does anyone else find this humorous?

In preparation for our change over to a new domain and an exciting new facelift to the site, we are halting putting out an issue for this month.

WE ARE NOT DONE. We have much more to bring to you and offer you. We are expanding at a rate we did not anticipate and we are taking a bold new direction all of which require our attention and resources.

Stay tuned for the grand reveal as well expect to change sites within the next month. Please follow us on twitter if you haven’t so you know when the site changes and what the new URL will be.

Woot Woot!

And the fuckery that is involved in alot of the whole identity behind it. This video is complete shit.

Firefighters responding to an emergency callĀ  at 9:40 p.m. found the 39-year-old Monjack dead at the Hollywood Hills residence, Lozano said. The caller has yet to be identified.

Damn, her mom has been through a lot. That’s….definitely interesting. Not much else to say but if you want to read the whole article, click here

Uh yeah. That’s…interesting.