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You already know which parts are my favorite.


For those of you who play Team Fortress 2, here’s something that you might enjoy. I’ve seen the real movie so maybe that’s why it’s funny. The whole thing is like…oh ok, but then when the title comes on at the end I literally died laughing. In fact, I’m a ghost right now typing this as my way to cross over. It’s pertinent i spread this.

I can’t decide if this is sarcasm, by the way the man is so…enthusiastic about the description of the acts, or if it’s just plain sad.

Outside of the fact that I know many homosexual males and all of them would down right punch me in the face if I even suggested that they may enjoy eating another human beings shit, and outside of the fact that  this guy bases his whole argument not only on the fact that male homosexuals like to eat shit (apparently) and that he neglects to mention anything about female homosexuality, what do you guys think?

Why take someone’s personal life and but legislation on it? That’s what I am confused about. What does  whatever Tom and Bob or Jane and Mindy in the privacy of their own home have to do with you, or me?

You decide.

And the fuckery that is involved in alot of the whole identity behind it. This video is complete shit.

“Hold on, let me go get my dick.”

Too Funny.