Why the name compound?

Compound:  a combination of two or more elements

Compound Magazine is a slew of different idea, interests and people all with the common interest in technology, games and just general truths. The named seemed fitting in that sense.

What kind of magazine is compound?

Compound a combination of things. It’s mostly a queer  but you’ll hardly notice it. We at compound don’t believe that anything deemed “gay” has to necessarily be that 24/7. There are other characteristics to people and there will be other characteristics to compound. We are all inclusive in that we cover topics that people of all races, ethnicity, ages, sex’ and sexual orientations can identify and relate to. Our purpose is both entertainment and education. That being said it’s not so much a magazine as it is a BLOGazine. We are mostly bloggers or vloggers who are taking blogging to a somewhat new height by every once in a while (once a month) placing our blogs into a traditional magazine type layout.

So are you a blog or a magazine?

Both.  Our “magazine” is vastly different from our online blog in that it’s less technology, less games and more real life situations. Advice columns, articles about music and life and everything in between. Yes there will be elements of gaming and technology but it will take the back burner to larger and more humanistic articles. Think of the blog like a robot and the magazine like a human. Mechanical and gray vs fleshy and warm. mmm warmth.

The magazine comes out once a month while the blog is updated regularly.

How many people are apart of Compound Magazine?

So far? We have four columnist, who will be reoccurring fixtures in the magazine, and me (your editor and all knowing deity). We also have a few freelance writers who will be adding their reviews and lists to the blog. For the full list, visit our Staff page.

I have something I think you might like to be in your blog/magazine. Are you interested?

Definitely. We are always taking submissions from those outside of the Compound family and while I can’t promise you your work will make it onto the blog/magazine, I can promise to give you feedback on it.

Right not we are mostly looking to artists and photographers to help fill out the in between pages in our magazine, so if that sounds like you. Go for it!

We are always accepting new ideas for columns in our magazine that don’t necessarily have to be related to technology or games. As previously mentioned, our magazine is more or less like your normal magazine except more honest in that we try not to steer people into situations for the sake of sounding “good” or “politically correct.” I.e, if you don’t want REAL advice, don’t ask.

Where can I contact you?

You can contact us at compoundmag @ gmail dot com. You can also follow us on twitter.


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