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Like games? Like contests? Well do we have news for you!

Bioware announced a bazaar to celebrate their 15ht anniversary of making gaming products. Contestants go through a series of challenges (mostly via twitter) and win coins that can be used to auction out prizes. What are the prizes you ask?

Posters, games, even USB sticks. Some of the more exciting prizes include:

Mass Effect 2  Artwork Branded Computer and Dragon Age 2 artwork branded computer. Both worth $2,000 dollars, an alien ware Laptop and a Mass Effect branded Xbox 360.

And with multiple chances to win those computers, you bet your ass i’ll be participating.

For a complete list of prizes and contest rules, click here


If you pre-ordered your new iPad to get shipped directly to you, you might not be getting it until next week, even though iPads are supposed to go on sale in retail stores this saturday.

[Apple] began taking preorders for the iPad on March 12, promising to get the device to eager buyers by its store launch date of April 3rd. Customers who placed pre-orders by March 27 will receive the device by that date, where Saturday delivery is available, but Apple said Sunday that new pre-orders won’t be shipped out until April 12.

Sucks for you I guess. Though, the iPad is just a glorified mega version of the iTouch in my eyes. Not much new going on there. Kinda like how Nintendo has been reinventing Zelda since the dawn of man instead of coming out with a new game? Yeah. Like that.


What is APB? Well, this is what they have to say on their site

Imagine a living, breathing, city but for the first time ever it’s online, its streets full of vehicles and thousands of civilians going about their daily life.
Introduce 100 players to this online city. Their mission is to gain fame and fortune, and gain them fast. Many will take to a life of crime, feeding on the city, its people and its businesses. Other players, the Enforcers, will feed on the Criminal players. What will the outcome be?
The great thing is, we don’t know! It’s an online sandbox. Many players will achieve celebrity or notoriety for their skills or style. Alliances will be formed, rivalries will be bitter. One thing we do know: every player will be unique. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, players can personalize their looks, clothing, vehicles and music.
Earn money, clothing, guns, and cars as you play.
Experience fast-paced third-person action.
Master different gameplay for each Faction.
Participate in intelligent matchmaking: you play against real people and the better you get, the better your opponents will be.
Work for Contacts, doing directed Missions, or complete open world sandbox activities.
Gain real-life celebrity through in-game displays of your characters, vehicles, music and symbols.
Become a top-ranking player or Clan in leagues that track Kills, Arrests, Mission Success rates, and many other competitive stats.

After looking at their site and all the goodies they have on there I am officially interested in this game. Not only am i interested, im slightly OBSESSED, to the point where i’ve signed up for their beta. Dun know if i’ll get in but either way, beta or retail im playing this fucking game. Just Saying.

Customization is probably one of the better features since most games only have limited customization but the game play also looks INSANE. Not to mention there is talk of no subscription like with WoW or other MMO’s.  Would definitely be easier for me, financially, to keep the game going. I already have to pay for my WoW account again -,-‘


The customization isn’t the seller though. I’ve been waiting for a game to come out that’s a combination of my favorite kind of game, First person and third person shooters, with something more than the ordinaty tag and bag gaming mechanics.

L4D is awesome, and i commend them on using the AI director to change things up a bit, but sometimes that tiny minute change isn’t enough.

MMO’s are cool because the worlds change with your character, but after the first character it becomes the same kind of find and grind.

My interest in this game  comes out of a combination of these two genres. I can shoot shit but also develop my character and the game community. It’s like borderlands, except I haven’t played borderlands and from the reviews my friends are giving it, I probably won’t be playing it anytime soon. Though I would be lying if i said the combination of RPG and FPS isn’t down right intriuging.

Check out what G4 has to say about this game. Also check out this youtube video.

Gamestop’s “How to Talk to women.” Employee training video.

Real or not. It’s a lot going on at once. TOO much in fact.

The iPad hasn’t been announced for too long, yet alone released and already there are talks about it being jailbroken, even as soon as the same day it is launched.

Hacker George Hotz claims he has developed a new untethered software jailbreak method for the iPhone and iPod Touch that may also work on the iPad. Hotz, also known online as Geohot, says that his new unnamed jailbreak method is as simple to use as his previous iPhone software jailbreak, blackra1n.

You know, if apple is gonna keep that whole “no outside applications” thing in their T.O.U they should probably try, I don’t know, different ways of  coding their shit. I’m all for jailbroken stuff, Apple shouldn’t tell you what you can and can’t use on YOUR device, but at the same time I understand they are just saying “We can only fix the issues we created, not ones you created by being stupid and installing a random app made by your neighbor.”

Either way, Jailbroken i Pad? What say you?


rihanna rude boy

Rihanna’s newest Single “Rude Boy” has managed to retain its No. 1 standing on the Billboard Hot 100  for a second week. It comes as no surprise. Have you heard the song? Better yet, have you seen the video?

It has the longest streak since Black Eyed Peas had an equal run with “I Gotta Feeling” in July/August 2009.

I’m very proud of my future wife. I mean there are a few things we need to address before we tie the knot, but I’m glad she’s taking some creative risks and that those risks are paying off. Nothing sexier than ambition… well, except for the drums. MMm.


I’ve played MW2 though I don’t own it (my brother does), so I cant really give my thoughts on this other than they could have done the trailer a bit better but it looks like a good add on to an already popular game.