COMPOUND magazine was conceived and started in March of 2010 with the goal of creating an online source that gives valuable and usable information while still retaining an entertainment value. Compound is a blog that takes it to the next level. Every month we take the blogs from authors in different walks of life and compile them into a magazine type layout for viewing pleasure (but also for my portfolio…hey, gotta do what you can)

COMPOUND blog is dedicated to giving a real opinion of all that is music, film, politics and new consumer technology to those who want an honest opinion and not a motivated endorsement or condemnation.

All opinions are just that, opinions.

COMPOUND magazine provides honest and candid articles and stories by our columnists about common struggles.

Most importantly, however, COMPOUND  entertains, educates and expands the experiences of our users by giving them what they want: pure. unfiltered. honesty.

We are here to entertain, rant and rave but also educate and give insight into our lives and the lives of many who are going through similar struggles.

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