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Every time I see “Deus Ex” with a new number behind it, an angel gets its wings. Just saying. the Deus Ex titles have a special place in my heart and even if I don’t know how I feel about purchasing and playing this game, I can say that I will probably purchase and play this game. When I get the money. In like two years.


You will go download and play this map with all of your friends…like now.

I don’t want to give anything away TOO much, but from the video I’ve seen of this…there is an AWESOME chopper scene in here that…well it should be exciting to watch. If you love yourself and baby kittens, you will download and play this map with joy…carry on.

Also, Don’t forge to follow the instructions on their download page, or else…

For those of you who play Team Fortress 2, here’s something that you might enjoy. I’ve seen the real movie so maybe that’s why it’s funny. The whole thing is like…oh ok, but then when the title comes on at the end I literally died laughing. In fact, I’m a ghost right now typing this as my way to cross over. It’s pertinent i spread this.

Here is an interesting (and lengthy) article entitled “The Case for Gaming’s Greater Good.”

It hits on some pretty interesting points (and a few “LOL” worthy hypocrisies). Here is an interesting snippet from the article, I’ve bolded the points i found rather intriguing.

Back in 2004, State Senator Leland Yee (D-CA 11) put forward AB 1792, a bill that re-classified “ultra-violent video games” as harmful matter under the California penal code, effectively restricting the sale of games to minors.

You might think the Entertainment Software Rating Board already covered this (and I’ve seen many a teen carded and turned away at GameStop), but Yee’s law ignores the ESRB and criminalizes the sale or rental of any game “that enables the player to virtually inflict serious injury upon human beings or characters with substantially human characteristics in a manner that is especially heinous, atrocious, or cruel” to anyone under 18. That covers pretty much 80% of all video games, including a good chunk of T-Rated titles. Governor Schwarzenegger, who’s been known to inflict serious injury upon human characters, signed it into law. A 9th Circuit court overturned it on First Amendment grounds soon after.

Now the Supreme Court is taking up the appeal. Depending how they rule, or on any judicial initiative they exercise (the Roberts court has shown itself to be an activist court), the way games are sold in this country and who is allowed to play them could completely change as soon as next year. We’re potentially talking Microsoft and Sony getting hit with $1,000 fines every time a minor spends $15 to download Shank off XBLA or PSN (to say nothing of Steam, Gamefly or even Amazon, when it ships Modern Warfare 2 to 16-year-olds holding their first credit cards). In fact, under the loosest possible interpretation, it would be just as illegal for a parent to buy a violent video game for their child as it would be to buy them a bottle of whiskey. Yep… as written, AB 1792 is that broad. Which is to say, that vague.

You can read the full article here.

If you're under the legal age, the future of your console games could be decided by a gavel.

Now, I do agree that parents need to educate themselves on which games are appropriate for their children. GTA shouldn’t be purchased for a Seven year old, but I would argue that for a 15 or 16 year old the game is perfectly fine, considering that’s how old I was (maybe even younger) when I playedm y first Grand Theft Auto game.

I get it. We need something to take our mind off of the more important things and it seems that the video game industry has taken the brunt of our society’s attempts at redirecting the heat they feel because of the economy, the failing school systems and don’t forget the political tension mounting (which is funny because there was already political tension but as soon as the tension is from another side, of which you can guess, it’s an issue.)

Video games aren’t the issue. We treat our kids like they are idiots then wonder why they do stupid things. If you don’t teach your kid that robbing people is bad, yeah he might know it’s bad since it’s a common thought, but since you haven’t given YOUR opinion on it, then it’s his opinion that matters and his opinion might not be well formed. His opinion might allow for certain instances in which it’s not so bad at all.

Parents don’t realize how much their personal opinion effects their children’s opinions. As a queer individual, I know too well how my parent’s opinions affected not only my opinions of others who were percieved as gay, but also my opinions of myself.

We need to stop blaming music, television, video games  and other forms of entertainment for things that are going wrong in our own homes and society because all of these outlets are reflections of things gone wrong already. They are a reality, except they are a reality we can control. Yeah, there is violence and gore, and it’s up to the parents to decide whether their kid can handle that but if we keep putting stupid laws into legislation instead of focusing on what we NEED to be focusing on (getting proper sex education, getting better education, working on promoting interests in technology and engineering and mathematics and fixing our economy) then we are really doing not only ourselves but the future of our country a great dis-service.

I enjoy documentaries, especially independent ones so…even though this isn’t really a documentary it’s setup, execution, and the topic definitely is an interesting one.

There seems to always be a great misconception about World of Warcraft players. I suppose it’s easier to make fun of something you don’t understand than to take the time to understand it.

Steve Pope, a U.K. counselor and therapist, says that playing games for two hours is equal to doing a line of coke.

“Spending two hours on a game station is equivalent to taking a line of cocaine in the high it produces,” Pope said. “It is the fastest growing addiction in the country and this is affecting young people mentally, as well as leading to physical problems such as obesity,” he added.

This whole “crusade against video games” thing is getting really out of hand now. Really? Comparing playing video games to doing a line of coke? Honestly? These people obviously havent played video games before and think that everyone who plays is some sort of detriment to the human species, aka a loser and all they do is stay at home and play video games.

This is a large misconception. As a few of you know, I’ve been unemployed for a year now and I spend most of my days looking for job opportunities, trying to get back into school (in fact I currently have an application running at a well-known Georgia institution for a second bachelors in Journalism) and working on my portfolio by creating designs and working on the next issue of Compound. When I’m done, I like to relax by playing games. Being unemployed is stressful, extremely so. Constantly thinking about what you’re going to do, what if your plans don’t fall through (again), what the next step is.

Being a young person, living with your parents, that isn’t good for your social or love life either. So i like to relax by playing video games. unfortunately, that’s all anyone sees. They think I spend all day playing video games doing nothing and I think that’s how most video gamers are perceived.

Sure there are some people out there who do that, but for the most part we video gamers have OTHER things to do and playing games is a de-stressor, a hobby, something we do for fun and for a few lucky ones, something they do for a little extra cash on the side.

Comparing something I do to relax to doing hard drugs is quite frankly an insult. Comparing me to a drug addict because I like to shoot zombies every now and again is quite frankly insulting.

Yes there is such thing as a gaming addiction. I’m no psychiatrist but telling the world that video games are somehow bad isn’t fixing the issue. Just like alcohol addiction or food addiction is a symptom and not the problem, gaming addiction is a symptom of an unresolved issue in that person’s life.

Stephen Johnson, from said it best:

While I won’t cop to doing Coke, I have played a lot of games in my life and never once did any game make me talk faster, convince me I was super awesome, or make me think I was, like, a really great dancer.

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