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I can’t decide if this is sarcasm, by the way the man is so…enthusiastic about the description of the acts, or if it’s just plain sad.

Outside of the fact that I know many homosexual males and all of them would down right punch me in the face if I even suggested that they may enjoy eating another human beings shit, and outside of the fact that  this guy bases his whole argument not only on the fact that male homosexuals like to eat shit (apparently) and that he neglects to mention anything about female homosexuality, what do you guys think?

Why take someone’s personal life and but legislation on it? That’s what I am confused about. What does  whatever Tom and Bob or Jane and Mindy in the privacy of their own home have to do with you, or me?

You decide.


Okay it’s no secret I have a slight, don’t laugh…i hear you fuckers laughing, crush on Rihanna. I do, I really do. That being said I’m also highly critical of her. Just because you’re attractive doesn’t mean you’re talented (megan fox, I’m looking your way).

In one of his posts he says that in the “RockStar 101” video:

Rihanna looks AMAZING! Too bad we can’t say the same for the song!

As far as the song goes, the song is one of the better songs off of Rihanna’s new album and for someone that apparently “knows” music like he claims he does, he should fucking know every single god damn song on that album before he makes a judgement about the album itself. There are only three songs on her new album that I absolutely cannot listen to. Sorry Rihanna, i doubt you read this, but I can’t stand them. The rest of the songs are good and Rockstar 101 is one of my favorites off this album.
I think that all the songs before Rihanna did umbrella were shit. No one knew who she was because SHE didn’t know who she was. She was trying to fit into that role of R&B female singer, she was in the shadow of Beyonce and the late Aaliyah trying to be seen and heard and it wasn’t happening. Then she stepped out of that shadow with Umbrella and BOOM.
Rated R is such a personal album that I’ve had to stem my lust for this woman greatly simply because I’ve gained mad respect for her. The songs are good, better than I thought they would be (I mean after the smash hit of Good Girl Gone Bad, isn’t that kind of a hard act to follow?)
Saying that RockStar 101 doesn’t sound well based off of a 10 second clip of it, which I assume he did because had he actually listened to the song he would know how fucking good it really is, is stupid and full of asshatery. It’s not the best song, I’ll give him that but it’s pretty good.
I don’t understand why anyone gave him the idea that he knew what good music is. Oh, because he supposedly put Lady Gaga on the map? Lady Gaga is good, she’s one of the more entertaining artists out there (not to mention she actually plays an instrument; +10 points) but she’s not the best.
She isn’t a prodigy and for someone with his thumb so far up her ass (I expect that if she actually DID have a penis, he’d be the first to know, what with massaging her prostate and all) i wouldn’t expect him to see that. Lady Gaga’s style right now is popular because it’s something different than what we know but it won’t last long. She’s going to have to reinvent herself to keep herself relevant which I think she can do (see previous mentioning of her actually being able to play an instrument). She could be the female Elton John.
Anyway, what was I saying? Oh right, what a fucking ass. I wouldn’t expect anyone whose gained some form of fame and notoriety off of being a complete douche to suddenly stop being a douche but…I mean, he’s going to have to reinvent himself too if he wants to continue this blog thing. I dont think he does, what with him going over into music and fashion (two very poor choices since he doesn’t know anything about either judging my his choice in songs and clothing).
Bottom line, he irks me greatly. Ever since that whole incident he really pisses me off. I guess I can leave that for another blog post, however, cause I do have a feeling he will do more to piss me off.
You may be asking, “Why visit his site if you don’t like him?” the same reason I watch comedy central though have the shit they show are shitty old movies and random stand up comedies. Because occasionally they have something worth while. Occasionally there will be a post that actually is interesting.

View his blog post here

Browsing CNN I came upon this article where the author responds to a “dirty” girl” trend where girls are acting rude, crude, drunk and all sorts of ways, kind of like Ke$ha for popularity and fame. There’s so much to say about this, but I think the author hit the nail right on the head when she boiled the concern down to (not the safety both physically and health wise of these girls) a form of sexism. Here’s an excerpt.

Now, I’m no Ke$ha fan. (I just cringed as I typed that ridiculous “$” in her name.) Her lyrics and videos embrace shock value for no reason beyond shock. But pop stars being blandly offensive are nothing new – Elvis was no different. Except for one tiny detail: Elvis was male.

And that’s what’s really at issue here. Bad boys make us shriek and faint. Bad girls make us worry. Don’t they know that acting like that is dangerous?

Then she said something that is very similar to the section about Alcohol i wrote in the recent May Issue of our magazine.

Did you know that, according to one study, if alcohol is involved in a sexual assault, the assailant is slightly more likely than the victim to have been drinking? And yet where are the messages telling boys not to get so drunk they can’t tell if their partner is consenting?

Rapists know exactly who’s going to be blamed if their victim has been drinking. That’s why they tell researchers that they deliberately introduce alcohol into the situation when they’re planning an assault, to increase their plausible deniability. When we focus on women’s drinking and not men’s behavior toward drunk women, we play right into their hands.

I don’t drink. I don’t like when people drink to get drunk to me it’s stupid and just going to take off the list a host of things one could do later while they are sober. So i already don’t accept the fact that one should be constantly going out and getting plastered. I think if people are going to drink they should have a certain level of responsibility, definitely. If a woman is going out to drink she needs to be aware of the situation and understand there are certain factors she CAN control only if she’s not completely wasted. This whole bad girl image is nice, that’s fine, whatever but it’s not cool to say “I’M DRUNK OFF MY ASS!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” like it’s the coolest thing in the world. Js.

What are your thoughts on the article?

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of all time. Wanna know the first? Maybe i’ll sing it for you one day. For now though, enjoy.

When I read this and I havent been blogging like I should since i began working on the second issue. Gotta figure out this timing thing.

Either way, Enjoy this little gem. Read the accompanying article here.



Jason Pfeiffer( left)  is going public  claiming he was Michael Jackson’s boyfriend right up until his death.

We definitely hit it off the first time we met,” Pfeiffer says, claiming he and Jackson met in 2008 at the office of Jackson’s famed dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, a longtime friend of Jackson’s and rumored to be the biological father of the singer’s two older children, Prince and Paris.
Dr. Klein says he personally witnessed Jackson and Pfeiffer together.
“When you see two people looking at each other you know what’s happening. I was just very happy for both of them.”

Ok. So. We all know the Jokes. Everyone has heard them maybe even said them, whatever. Here’s my point.


Like, It didn’t matter when he was alive and it certainly doesn’t matter now that he’s…I don’t know… DEAD.

Is this guy telling the truth? Is there something to his story? Maybe, Maybe not. If Michael were gay (I personally think he was asexual) he could pick someone WAY more attractive than this bear. Big people need love too, not gonna lie but It’s MICHEAL-FUCKING-JACKSON. The King of FUCKING Pop. He can do better than this guy. I digress…

I don’t care. I guess it would be bad of me to say I didn’t care with Micheal Jackson died either. I mean sure it’s sad, he did a lot for the music industry and is definitely a music icon and has influenced MANY if not most of the new artist in the industry but … and i want you to listen to me when I say this…


They die. It’s what we do. We live, we breath, we breed, we croak. It’s inevitable. No one lives forever no matter how much you want them to. It happens. get used to it. It’s no sadder when Michael Jackson dies than when the lady down the street dies.

The only difference is Michael Jackson has someone to look after his kids. He has someone who has money to look after his kids. Lady down the street, maybe her kids are going into foster care. Does no one weep for her? If a single mother with two kids and no family members suddenly dies and there is no one to look after her children, is that family not destroyed? Yes it is. The difference is you don’t have millions of people tagging behind her casket, crying and wondering what will happen to her kids. You don’t.

Sure she may not have contributed much to the art that is music (wait, music as art? You mean it’s not just booty popping and talking about sex? O RLY?) but she is a person and she has had an impact on SOMEONE’s life, even if it is the two kids she left behind.

I get it. Death is bad but it’s bad for everyone and I’m so sick of people still hawking over Michael Jackson’s Death. Yes, it’s Michael-Fucking-Jackson, but i think it’s time we get back to other things.  More important things than wondering if the king of pop was bagging this yogi bear bitch every night. Because in the end, unless there is a tape I can watch, I don’t care.
To me something even more heinous than exploiting someone’s death by bringing up dirt about them or trying to over exaggerate your grief is trying to place yourself as an important person in that individuals life WHILE bringing their sexuality into question.
A sexuality, which by the way they obviously didn’t want known in life, they can’t defend themselves with in death.
Does it matter if Micheal Jackson was gay? Is his music any less good? No it doesn’t. So why are we even fucking talking about it?
If i were in a relationship with say…IDK…Rihanna (hay boo) and she died. I’d move on. Yeah i’d want people to know i was a part of her life but i’d tell the people who mattered to me. Not the whole world. What do you get out of that except exploiting someone you are supposed to be remembering? So you can get a few interviews, five minutes of fame and then return to that guy who walks down the street and no one knows who you are?

Please. I’d much rather keep intact the memory of someone i love than exploit them by telling everyone something they obviously weren’t interested in letting someone know about.
Let the man rest. I’m sure he’d want to be remembered but that’s why we have videos and tapes and cd’s and artwork and…Justin Timberlake.