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Hackers have planted viruses in video games for smartphones running on Window’s OS, according to a security firm specializing in mobile devices.

The games — 3D Anti-Terrorist and PDA Poker Art — are available on sites that provide legitimate software for mobile devices, according to John Hering, CEO of San Francisco-based security firm Lookout.

The games are bundled with malicious software that automatically dials premium-rate telephone services in Somalia, Italy and other countries, sometimes ringing up hundreds of dollars in charges in a single month.

The services are run by the programmers who built the tainted software, Hering said on Friday.

This is kinda funny because back when I was a freshman in High School, when they had phones where you could only play games like hangman or snake, I had a dream once about my phone getting hacked and not working and it made me so upset. It was a really crappy phone, I couldn’t even text on it yet I was worried about it getting hacked because I was hearing horror stories about it. Haven’t thought about that since but now reading this article makes me really happy I have a phone that I can’t really play any worthwhile games on. I guess it’s just one more reason to get an Iphone if you are the type that  does play games on your phone. At least Apple doesn’t have virus’s amirite or amirite?


The iPad officially went on sale today and it’s been all over the news. *Yawn*…whatever.

The funny thing though is apparently, as with every apple product, there is a strange hint that perhaps a second generation of iPads will come out soon, within the next year maybe, again taking into account apples’ current business practices of revision instead of invention. Why not ride a good thing though, right? *coughrihannacough*

“An enterprising hacker poking around the iPad’s internal code may have found hints of a brand-new, as-yet-unannounced version of the red-hot tablet.
[a tipster] claims to have found a series of new device identifiers hidden in the iPad’s file system…
The device ID—”iProd2,1″—that’s raising eyebrows. The “iProd” identifier was first discovered last August as “iProd1,1”; only later did Apple fanatics deduce that “iProd1,1” referred to the first-generation iPad, which arrived in stores today.”

Surprise, surprise right? That’s how it is with electronics and gadgets they are constantly being reenvisioned and improved upon. I personally think the iPad is stupid, but for those planning on getting one or those who have already bought one today, does the fact that they are already creating an iPad second generation mean you shouldn’t be using an iPad? No. If that were the case no one would ever have any sort of gadget ever because theyd all be waiting for the improved version. It’s a risk you take. How much do you want it versus how long you are willing to wait. If you can wait another year for an improved iPad then cool, but if you’re one of those people that has to have the latest in gadgetry to feel special, then you have bigger issues.

I absolutely HATED ipods. I thought they were the dumbest thing evar. Why pay so much money for an mp3 player? Srsly. So i went through the ipod, then the ipod nano then the ipod with the video in it I don’t remember what it was called. By the second generation of the ipod touch, i had gone through three or four cheaper mp3 players that just couldn’t cut it. So i was like fuck it, ill get a stupid ipod. Suffice to say, i go nowhere without it. You really are paying for quality and it will be like that with the iPad. Except i don’t think ill ever get an iPad, i’d rather save my money (which i currently have none of) for a macbook pro.


Seriously. 3-D? What are we in the 70’s again? Anyway, for those of you who give two shits…

Sharp has announces a 3-d MOBILE display. It requires no glasses or anything special, except the eyes of  a hawk.

Sharp’s latest 3-D displays deliver bright, clear imagery without the cumbersome glasses usually required for such technology. Now the bad news: They only work on a 3-inch  screen held one foot from the viewer’s face

Riight, so all the time you spent putting together a 3d display that only works a foot away, you could have just made a regular fucking phone that people actually like and can read.

People are stupid. Link in the source.


The iPad is the latest bit of gadgettry to land onto the market with a following and uproar similar to the signing of the constitution, but here’s the deal:

The iPad, while a cool looking device that’s new and fancy and all shiny and shit, is nothing (in my eyes) but an itouch on steroids. Yeah there are other differences, like new apps and being able to read books and shit, but adding one or two new programs doesn’t make your product different. That’s like me going out to buy a computer game sequel, but it’s the exact same game and the only difference is you get one or two more levels (or characters) and the box is bigger.

The apple iPad is like a laptop, a netbook if you will, except you can’t really do any of the stuff you normally do on a computer except look at pictures, read book, check your email, listen to music and play a few basic games. I’d rather save my money and get a macbook pro or something and be able to do the same things, but more. I have an itouch, if i wanted it to be bigger i’d buy a macbook. Easy as that.

I’m not knocking anyone who is going to purchase an iPad, if you have the money to do that, that’s your prerogative. But considering I already have a smaller version of the iPad, i’mma save my money for a macbook (will be a while).

If you pre-ordered your new iPad to get shipped directly to you, you might not be getting it until next week, even though iPads are supposed to go on sale in retail stores this saturday.

[Apple] began taking preorders for the iPad on March 12, promising to get the device to eager buyers by its store launch date of April 3rd. Customers who placed pre-orders by March 27 will receive the device by that date, where Saturday delivery is available, but Apple said Sunday that new pre-orders won’t be shipped out until April 12.

Sucks for you I guess. Though, the iPad is just a glorified mega version of the iTouch in my eyes. Not much new going on there. Kinda like how Nintendo has been reinventing Zelda since the dawn of man instead of coming out with a new game? Yeah. Like that.


The iPad hasn’t been announced for too long, yet alone released and already there are talks about it being jailbroken, even as soon as the same day it is launched.

Hacker George Hotz claims he has developed a new untethered software jailbreak method for the iPhone and iPod Touch that may also work on the iPad. Hotz, also known online as Geohot, says that his new unnamed jailbreak method is as simple to use as his previous iPhone software jailbreak, blackra1n.

You know, if apple is gonna keep that whole “no outside applications” thing in their T.O.U they should probably try, I don’t know, different ways of  coding their shit. I’m all for jailbroken stuff, Apple shouldn’t tell you what you can and can’t use on YOUR device, but at the same time I understand they are just saying “We can only fix the issues we created, not ones you created by being stupid and installing a random app made by your neighbor.”

Either way, Jailbroken i Pad? What say you?


Opera has submitted a mobile version of their browser into the Apple apps store. They are now awaiting approval.

Unfortunatly, Apple has a rule where applications can’t duplicate the function of their own apps and Apple already has a browser for the Iphone and Ipod Touch. It’s called safari.

I dont know what is going to happen but I personally hope it passes. Safari just fucks up too much on my ipod and it would be nice to have the option.

You can find a timer on how long it’s been since Opera was submitted on Opera’s website in the source link below.