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You will go download and play this map with all of your friends…like now.

I don’t want to give anything away TOO much, but from the video I’ve seen of this…there is an AWESOME chopper scene in here that…well it should be exciting to watch. If you love yourself and baby kittens, you will download and play this map with joy…carry on.

Also, Don’t forge to follow the instructions on their download page, or else…


Steve Pope, a U.K. counselor and therapist, says that playing games for two hours is equal to doing a line of coke.

“Spending two hours on a game station is equivalent to taking a line of cocaine in the high it produces,” Pope said. “It is the fastest growing addiction in the country and this is affecting young people mentally, as well as leading to physical problems such as obesity,” he added.

This whole “crusade against video games” thing is getting really out of hand now. Really? Comparing playing video games to doing a line of coke? Honestly? These people obviously havent played video games before and think that everyone who plays is some sort of detriment to the human species, aka a loser and all they do is stay at home and play video games.

This is a large misconception. As a few of you know, I’ve been unemployed for a year now and I spend most of my days looking for job opportunities, trying to get back into school (in fact I currently have an application running at a well-known Georgia institution for a second bachelors in Journalism) and working on my portfolio by creating designs and working on the next issue of Compound. When I’m done, I like to relax by playing games. Being unemployed is stressful, extremely so. Constantly thinking about what you’re going to do, what if your plans don’t fall through (again), what the next step is.

Being a young person, living with your parents, that isn’t good for your social or love life either. So i like to relax by playing video games. unfortunately, that’s all anyone sees. They think I spend all day playing video games doing nothing and I think that’s how most video gamers are perceived.

Sure there are some people out there who do that, but for the most part we video gamers have OTHER things to do and playing games is a de-stressor, a hobby, something we do for fun and for a few lucky ones, something they do for a little extra cash on the side.

Comparing something I do to relax to doing hard drugs is quite frankly an insult. Comparing me to a drug addict because I like to shoot zombies every now and again is quite frankly insulting.

Yes there is such thing as a gaming addiction. I’m no psychiatrist but telling the world that video games are somehow bad isn’t fixing the issue. Just like alcohol addiction or food addiction is a symptom and not the problem, gaming addiction is a symptom of an unresolved issue in that person’s life.

Stephen Johnson, from said it best:

While I won’t cop to doing Coke, I have played a lot of games in my life and never once did any game make me talk faster, convince me I was super awesome, or make me think I was, like, a really great dancer.

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“The Passing” has dropped and based on last nights performance of realism versus, in conjuncture with all the other games i’ve played since November, I thought i’d give a little lesson to all my L4D2 friends and fellow players.

While in game the other day i had the unfortunate opportunity of playing with an individual who felt it was his sole bounty to direct and instruct the group on how to play a game that collectively, we’ve all been playing for almost 3 years. He would wait with the stronger of the infected for the weaker ones to take their turns.

He would say “Who’s going to go?” Over and over again and get upset when everyone died because we were wasting too much time deciding “who” would go first. I told him that the “Order of Operations”, much like in math, was common sense and as opposed to being taught like in math anyone who had been playing the game for any length of time, and was good (I suppose that’s the catch) would know this. He denied.

So, with no further ado, let me break down the Order of Operations for any of you out there who have not heard about this.  Of course different strokes for different folks and the order may change in game circumstances, much like the AI director changes your pathways, but generally speaking the order below will ALWAYS be affective for any team attack if executed right.

This is no guide and is not intended to come off as “Momma knows what’s best,” but in all the games i’ve played going by this order, however unspoken it may be, tend to pay off not only in team dynamics but on the scoreboard at the end.

All of these rules have their exceptions like a choke points, (narrow corridors where survivors MUST pass through) last calls (last hoorah before survivors reach safe room) and what I like to refer to as “AND STAY DOWN” (any distraction or damage done to survivors to keep an incapacitated team member down long enough to spawn something that can do lots of damage or, if you’re lucky, kill him). These rules may not apply depending on how your team chooses to attack, in a continuous spawn string or all at once. But generally speaking, since it is a co-op game, using each others skills to your advantage is a good way to win and that is what this guide is mainly about.



The boomer, while one of the weaker infected due to it’s girth, speed and health, is a highly effective and crucial part of any good team attack.

The boomer’s bile causes a few seconds of blindness to the survivor’s glow and, hopefully, a nice wave of hungry zombies.

The survivor won’t be able to see what is going on with his teammates or their location, despite their screams of “I’m jockeyed” and if they somehow know where their teammates are due to pure vigilance, the horde keeps them from reaching their teammate, or at least slows them down giving you and your team valuable time and damage. Sometimes, having the most damage is the decider in which team wins each round.

Generally the boomer should go first, but if another infected( like a smoker or a hunter) goes they should aim for the closest team mates they can in an attempt to stall or if the person is far away enough, aim for the captured survivor and you might be able to kill him before his teammates can reach.


The charger is one of the more powerful infected. Just by hitting a survivor in a charge he can knock them off their feet for a valuable 2 to 3 seconds.

The charger is vulnerable without his teammates cooperation, much like the other infected, but can stand on it’s own if used correctly. After a boom that covers at least 3 people, capturing a the unbiled survivor is a good tactic. Knocking over his friends with on the way to smashville is just an added bonus. It can add additional fall damage, and if they are boomed 2-3 seconds of damage while getting up due to  a wonderfully poetic, but not really, zombie horde.

The charger can remove a survivor from a situation for a short period of time at choke and drop points such as the hill behind the motel in “Dark Carnival” or from the entire round itself by charging them out windows or into the lakes in both “Hard Rain” and “Swamp Fever.”



Generally speaking, the hunter and the smoker are the more versatile infected. If the charger is the chopper pilot, the hunter and smoker are the soldiers. They go anywhere and are the more common of the infected, at least in my eyes. Perhaps i’m thinking of L4D.

Either way, between the three, hunter should go first. It hops around and doesn’t really care too much whether you were aiming for Nick or Rochelle. Whichever one it lands first is the one it sticks to. I’ve seen it happen way too many times. Someone gets smoked and a hunter attempts to pounce the person coming to save them but pounces the guy already captured.

You can pounce anyone who is smoked, or jockeyd but you cant smoke or jockey someone who is pounced or charged. Think about that.

As far as the smoker and jockey go, it doesn’t necessarily matter. Do what you can.



The spitter is one of my more favorite new infected, second to charger, and if played correctly can really put the hurting on a survivor. One spit can take a survivor from the green to the red if done properly. Because the spit affects both uncaptured and captured survivors, getting a survivor that is pounced, pulled, jockey’d, charged or even already incapacitated is a good goal. Once your teammates have used their infected, try aiming for one that is already low in health (as it takes a few seconds to get out of a good spit and each second is damage), an already captured survivor (huntered or jockeyed or etc)  or a survivor that has been boomed and is surrounded by a horde as it will take them a few seconds to be able to get out of the spit.

The spitter, in my opinion, is merely a support infected. She moves slow, both before and definitely after a spit, is easy to kill as she has a low health similar to the boomer and is easy to spot due to the fluorescent green spit that constantly drips from the gaping hole in her neck.

So, using those tactics if you have a boomer, jockey, hunter and charger… the boomer should go first, then the charger then the hunter and jockey. The charger and boomer can be interchangeable, sometimes in order to get maximum boomage you need the charger to get the team in one place. Hence why these are all GENERAL rules. I don’t claim to know much outside of my own experiences in game and this is the order i recommend but as you should know each game is different and as such each moment may require the spitter to go first, or even the jockey. But this order should serve as a template, a stencil if you will, in which you can create the perfect team attack.

Okay so after all the hype “The Passing” has finally dropped and everyone everywhere is raving about it. Some even ranting. Here’s mine:

The map itself, while short, is definitly pleasing. I don’t know if it’s the idea of new territory and new, unfamiliar surroundings, or just the fact that the map is well put together and looks and plays nice. I think it’s both.

I like the footlockers and i LOVE the fallen survivor zombie. All those things aside, let’s talk about a few of the things i HATED. Actually, the only thing i hated.

The Original survivors role:

The way valve was talking about and jhyping up the original survivors and their role in thie campaign made me think they’d do alot more than they actually did.

The first time I played I didn’t get so much as a nod from the original survivors and in the rare case when they DID acknowledge us, towards the end….all i got were “Good Shots” and “Here, I saved this for you” as they toss me pills.

Really? You havent seen a human being in how long? AND you just lost one of your teammates? and all you have to say to me is “Here, take some pills.” Awesome. Yeah, I can totally see how that is a sacrifice for you given i just passed like twenty crates chocked full of pills. Thanks, jackass.

They titled this “The Passing” for a really good reason. It’s a quick map where you really don’t do anything with the original survivors besides them helping you fend off a few zombies in the rescue finale. It really is just a passing glimpse of two games, which is fine. I just thought it would be more epic.

That’s fine though the mutations seem to be a great addition. A few friends and I are going to play realism vs in a few hours, ill let you know how that went.

With the L4D2 DLC coming out tomorrow, gamers everywhere are eagerly waiting to lay their hands on the new map, weapons and characters they will receive. Valve has wet out whiskers my putting out the poster for the new campaign and something, or rather someone… is missing. Check out the background silhouettes in the image below.


We all knew that one of the original survivors wouldn’t…well, survive, in the new DLC but we didn’t know which one. I personally was under the assumption that our actions would dictate which character did and did not survive. Valve has decided to make that choice for us however, maybe Ebert was right.

My biggest issue stems not from the fact that they chose to get rid of Zoey, but from the fact that THEY CHOSE TO GET RID OF ZOEY!

I mean come on. I realize that most gamers are men but there are a few female ones out there as well and while personally I would chose to play as Ellis or Louis instead of either Rochelle or Zoey, the idea of having a female in the crowd is always nice, since that;s how it normally is. They could have easily gotten rid of someone like…Francis or bill…no one likes bill. Yet they chose to get rid of one of the only female characters in both games. That leaves the penis to vagina ratio off balanced, i mean it would have been off balanced either way but this….this whole 6 to one is just disgusting. 2 to five would have been better since, personally, I think Nick and Ellis are gay anyway. And Coach, no one wants to touch Coach.

All I’m saying is it’s rather shitty for them to get rid of one of only two girls in the group and decide to leave 6 guys all of which were more expendable than the ONLY female character.


Apparently the Poster is a .gif where the character who’s absent rotates through all four characters. Oops. The female to male ratio is still pretty…gangbangy though. JS.

What is APB? Well, this is what they have to say on their site

Imagine a living, breathing, city but for the first time ever it’s online, its streets full of vehicles and thousands of civilians going about their daily life.
Introduce 100 players to this online city. Their mission is to gain fame and fortune, and gain them fast. Many will take to a life of crime, feeding on the city, its people and its businesses. Other players, the Enforcers, will feed on the Criminal players. What will the outcome be?
The great thing is, we don’t know! It’s an online sandbox. Many players will achieve celebrity or notoriety for their skills or style. Alliances will be formed, rivalries will be bitter. One thing we do know: every player will be unique. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, players can personalize their looks, clothing, vehicles and music.
Earn money, clothing, guns, and cars as you play.
Experience fast-paced third-person action.
Master different gameplay for each Faction.
Participate in intelligent matchmaking: you play against real people and the better you get, the better your opponents will be.
Work for Contacts, doing directed Missions, or complete open world sandbox activities.
Gain real-life celebrity through in-game displays of your characters, vehicles, music and symbols.
Become a top-ranking player or Clan in leagues that track Kills, Arrests, Mission Success rates, and many other competitive stats.

After looking at their site and all the goodies they have on there I am officially interested in this game. Not only am i interested, im slightly OBSESSED, to the point where i’ve signed up for their beta. Dun know if i’ll get in but either way, beta or retail im playing this fucking game. Just Saying.

Customization is probably one of the better features since most games only have limited customization but the game play also looks INSANE. Not to mention there is talk of no subscription like with WoW or other MMO’s.  Would definitely be easier for me, financially, to keep the game going. I already have to pay for my WoW account again -,-‘


The customization isn’t the seller though. I’ve been waiting for a game to come out that’s a combination of my favorite kind of game, First person and third person shooters, with something more than the ordinaty tag and bag gaming mechanics.

L4D is awesome, and i commend them on using the AI director to change things up a bit, but sometimes that tiny minute change isn’t enough.

MMO’s are cool because the worlds change with your character, but after the first character it becomes the same kind of find and grind.

My interest in this game  comes out of a combination of these two genres. I can shoot shit but also develop my character and the game community. It’s like borderlands, except I haven’t played borderlands and from the reviews my friends are giving it, I probably won’t be playing it anytime soon. Though I would be lying if i said the combination of RPG and FPS isn’t down right intriuging.

Check out what G4 has to say about this game. Also check out this youtube video.

Game’s for Windows.

I’m a PC gamer, that’s my main platform and while I do have a history of console gaming, the PC has always been home base for my gaming activity. I’ve owned many games, most of them just normal CD or DVD  games and recently alot of them have been coming from the download source of Steam.

One thing I noticed however, when approaching the option of having an actual copy or having a digital copy is that regardless of how I chose to get my games, I never went the route of buying games that were for windows live.

Usually when you purchase a game a store it lets you know. I was going to buy a GTA game a while back because I heard it had  multiplayer (and I’m a fan of all things multiplayer) but then after research I learned you had to have a windows live account and all this other crap.

Listen. Windows. Microsoft. When I want to play my game, after purchasing it the only string there should be still attached is… well ther should be no string. I SHOULD be able to install and play.

First of all, I’ve been in the internet community for a LONG time and NO ONE I know, uses any windows live products anymore. If someone tells me “No I don’t have skype, but I do have an msn account.” I go, ” Oh, well you should get skype,” as opposed to “Oh, well here’s my outdated msn name.”


Because it is outdated. It’s a program that comes with your Operating System when you have a fresh install and if you havent noticed, which you probably havent, most people don’t use default programs.

Anyone with any sort of computer knowledge or internet savvyness almost never uses Internet Explorer to browse the internet. Why? It’s a piece of shit and so is MSN messenger, or whatever you are calling it now.

If you really want to get into the gamine community and make some money off of us you’re going to need to go a more up to date route and not through MSN unless you are trying to get the 10 year olds who just found MSN messenger for the first time. That’s cool, however you want to do it, but the market is predominantly older than the age of ten.

Now, same goes for Window’s Live. I get what you are trying to do. You were trying to make it easier for people who don’t know shit about games and computers to get into the gaming world very easy without actually having to think about what they are purchasing and whether or not it will work with what they have because they are too lazy to look it up themselves, but by having a middle man in the..well, middle what you’ve really done is made the gaming experience worst.

When I play, say, L4D2 … I close out most of my programs so that my computer focuses on that one game (lately it’s been acting up but we won’t get into that…. valve) IDK how windows gaming works, but from what i’ve read both in the source article and from my own research, you have to be logged into windows just to be able to play a game YOU purchased, whether it be single or multiplayer. That, to me, is bullshit. That is the reason your system failed.

No one wants a middle man, no matter how much the middle man is there to “help” you in the end you are doing more annoyance and causing more issues than anything. What happens when your servers are down and people can’t log in? What happens when someone’s internet is down and they need to log into their account to play a single player game? More hassle than help and that is why you either need to rethink your approach or just stick to what you know best, Microsoft Office.

I’m done with that rant.