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Recently you opened the giant black hole that is your mouth, into which all happiness and positivity gets sucked into a dark, dark void (and no that isn’t a black joke), to say something so positively stupid that I had to address it as the first completed act of the day. I just woke up, I haven’t even had my morning pee yet but I have to get this out.

Recently you sat down and gave a theory that the death of your son Michael, you remember him don’t you? No, not Tito…Yes, the one that had all the fame and money, could be blamed on the mother of your children because she didn’t visit him days before his death. Hey whatever makes you sleep on that bed of lies, deception, guilt, shame and back problems at night, I guess.

Then you went on to admit:

“[Joe] said to Katherine, “I said this would have never happened if you had went and been with him.”

There are lots of things I can tolerate when it comes to general fuckery and not bat an eye or get so offended that I’m going to step out of line to an old dude, but this….no. No.

You don’t get to tell the mother of your children that the death of her child is her fault.

There’s a reason why Michael didn’t want you in his life, it’s because you are a negative energy that not even the sun can shine light on. You say you were worried about Michael? No you weren’t, you were worried about your pockets.

Telling a woman who just lost her son, no matter how old or young he was, that his death is directly related to her is probably the most inconsiderate, insensitive, douchebag of a move I’ve ever heard.

You should be ashamed of yourself but for some reason, considering your past behavior, I think it’s impossible for you to feel shame…about anything. Because despite knowing that most of a America has a negative view about you which has only been compounded by your antics after Michael’s death, you still continue to open your mouth and let the most asinine, contrived, arrogant and unabashed statements of self hype that anyone has ever seen slip from the trash bin that is your sense of  propriety.

How the FUCK are you to advertise a business plan after your son’s death in an interview about how you FEEL about your son’s death. I suspect the answer is because you don’t feel. You aren’t empathetic or sympathetic to anyone’s cause but your own. You expect everything to go your way and when it doesn’t it’s someone else’s fault. Never yours.

Perhaps instead of blaming the mother of your child you should blame the doctor that pumped your son full of more drugs than a two-bit whore in the basement of a crack house.

Perhaps instead of blaming others you should blame yourself. You ever think that maybe beating the ever-living shit out of your son constantly at a young age might have had an effect on him? Statistics don’t lie.

Now maybe you can blame it on the stages of acceptance, one of which is trying to find someone to blame to be angry at, but I don’t buy it. You’re a grown ass man who still acts like a child in a playground pointing fingers when you should be pointing fingers at yourself and trying to figure out what YOU did wrong.

I understand you’re old and perhaps your self censoring mechanism has become rusted and broken down under the pressure of father time, but considering how this seems to be a trend and not a recent development, I’m going to stop giving you ideas on what to blame next.

There is a reason you were cut out of both Michael’s will and his life. It’s because you are unapologetic for what you’ve done, what you are doing and what you are going to do and anyone who is smart will remove that kind of element from their life. Katherine has been giving you money and still giving you a chance and despite all that you still treat her like she owes you or even worst, you own her. I can’t say I understand that but I’m much more willing to empathize with Katherine than i am with you. You chose your Karma.

I don’t know what kind of relationship you have, but judging by the fact that you told her it was her fault, makes me see that Katherine is a STRONG woman for not having killed you already.

I don’t promote murder and I wish you no harm, but let’s just face it; You’re an asshole.

Yours in sincerity,



Dear Hipsters,

“Shut the Fuck Up. You are not special just because you don’t like mainstream shit.”


Dear Kiely Williams,

I understand that recently you’ve tried to make a name for yourself outside of the highly successful musical groups that have been apart of your musical past. I also understand that since these groups were during your younger days and therefore were directed towards children, that you want to break out of that “Disney” image that we all know  can be stifling to not only true creativity at an adult level but also personal and sexual behavior on a personal level.

However, your recent attempt at this(to which I’ve already responded and posted my feelings about both here and here) was and still isn’t the proper way to do this. Therefore, I want to direct you to someone who ,while being more successful in you in many ways, managed to ease the transition from a child fan base into acquiring more adult tastes.  Kiely, I’d like you to meet Miley:

Now, while I am not a Miley fan and don’t think she’s extremely talented and possibly doubt her ability to have made it on her own outside of the privilege of having a famous parent, I think her transition was almost seamless.

Sure you didn’t have pictures in your underwear leak while you were doing the Cheetah Girls, nor did you engage in questionable activity while on stage and in photographs, but you did make that shiteous video and song that you called “Spectacular” and with a comparison of the two videos I would have to say you could learn a few things from Miley.

Maybe she has a better P.R. team, maybe she just understands that things take time and she ought not burn, nay, defecate on and then soak in gasoline before tossing a match at her figurative Disney “bridges.”

It’s not too late Kiely, we all stumble a little while starting something new and moving to that next level in our life and career, whatever it may be, just don’t make it a habit.

And Miley, good job.

Yours in sincerity,