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Browsing CNN I came upon this article where the author responds to a “dirty” girl” trend where girls are acting rude, crude, drunk and all sorts of ways, kind of like Ke$ha for popularity and fame. There’s so much to say about this, but I think the author hit the nail right on the head when she boiled the concern down to (not the safety both physically and health wise of these girls) a form of sexism. Here’s an excerpt.

Now, I’m no Ke$ha fan. (I just cringed as I typed that ridiculous “$” in her name.) Her lyrics and videos embrace shock value for no reason beyond shock. But pop stars being blandly offensive are nothing new – Elvis was no different. Except for one tiny detail: Elvis was male.

And that’s what’s really at issue here. Bad boys make us shriek and faint. Bad girls make us worry. Don’t they know that acting like that is dangerous?

Then she said something that is very similar to the section about Alcohol i wrote in the recent May Issue of our magazine.

Did you know that, according to one study, if alcohol is involved in a sexual assault, the assailant is slightly more likely than the victim to have been drinking? And yet where are the messages telling boys not to get so drunk they can’t tell if their partner is consenting?

Rapists know exactly who’s going to be blamed if their victim has been drinking. That’s why they tell researchers that they deliberately introduce alcohol into the situation when they’re planning an assault, to increase their plausible deniability. When we focus on women’s drinking and not men’s behavior toward drunk women, we play right into their hands.

I don’t drink. I don’t like when people drink to get drunk to me it’s stupid and just going to take off the list a host of things one could do later while they are sober. So i already don’t accept the fact that one should be constantly going out and getting plastered. I think if people are going to drink they should have a certain level of responsibility, definitely. If a woman is going out to drink she needs to be aware of the situation and understand there are certain factors she CAN control only if she’s not completely wasted. This whole bad girl image is nice, that’s fine, whatever but it’s not cool to say “I’M DRUNK OFF MY ASS!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” like it’s the coolest thing in the world. Js.

What are your thoughts on the article?