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As much as it likes to kick us in the nuts, I hope that everyone who reads this understand that life is good.

Bad things happen, troubling times fall upon us and events we don’t think we can pull ourselves out of make us reevaluate ourselves and our decisions, but in the end everyday you are still standing and you continue to fight the fight, do what makes you happy and create peices of art that at the end of the day YOU are proud of, then life is good.

It can’t be all good all the time. You can’t appreciate the good life has to offer if you don’t know what the bad times are like, but trust that no matter what bad situation you find yourself in, the good will soon come. You just have to hold on, keep your head high and never forget that everyday you’re still standing is a good day.

You already know which parts are my favorite.

Thank you.

Rihanna looking sexy, as usual. Photo from

I know it may seem like I was being harsh but trust me, that was constructive criticism there. Do what you do, cause seriously you are doing well just…try not to go TOO far out into the ocean. I know you can swim but you have to account for fatigue, water temperatures, wind speeds all that shit and that last red hairdo was a sink and drown. JS. Love what you’re doing. Continue to fight the fight and I will resume having a slight (I can hear my friends saying “SLIGHT?!” from all the way over here) crush on you.

Yours In Sincerity,


P.S.S) Offer still stands. I’ll hold your drink. I’ll be your official drink holder. I mean im going back to school so I probably can’t be a like..fulltime drink holder. But if you’re ever in Atlanta, I’ll hold your drink. Won’t let you fuck up my couch though, just got that shit cleaned.

Uhm….wow. Just wow.

Lawl. too much.

Hackers have planted viruses in video games for smartphones running on Window’s OS, according to a security firm specializing in mobile devices.

The games — 3D Anti-Terrorist and PDA Poker Art — are available on sites that provide legitimate software for mobile devices, according to John Hering, CEO of San Francisco-based security firm Lookout.

The games are bundled with malicious software that automatically dials premium-rate telephone services in Somalia, Italy and other countries, sometimes ringing up hundreds of dollars in charges in a single month.

The services are run by the programmers who built the tainted software, Hering said on Friday.

This is kinda funny because back when I was a freshman in High School, when they had phones where you could only play games like hangman or snake, I had a dream once about my phone getting hacked and not working and it made me so upset. It was a really crappy phone, I couldn’t even text on it yet I was worried about it getting hacked because I was hearing horror stories about it. Haven’t thought about that since but now reading this article makes me really happy I have a phone that I can’t really play any worthwhile games on. I guess it’s just one more reason to get an Iphone if you are the type that  does play games on your phone. At least Apple doesn’t have virus’s amirite or amirite?

Every time I see “Deus Ex” with a new number behind it, an angel gets its wings. Just saying. the Deus Ex titles have a special place in my heart and even if I don’t know how I feel about purchasing and playing this game, I can say that I will probably purchase and play this game. When I get the money. In like two years.